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'59 Principal Mr Haag and two members of the School Board, Mr. Dawson and Mr. Dietrich. Mr Haag also had a few words for us.

Text in picture follows:

"Though Life is forever beginning even as it is ending, and seems to go far back into Time, yet is very real in our own moment of Time and Place. It is just as real at sixteen as at sixty--just as real within the school as out there in the everyday world except there are different realities. In the whole of Life, each individual life has its own importance

We must all face Life and its problems. If we can so prepare ourselves that it always presents a challenge, we'll find a reward in each day's living. If we can so live that we attain some of its promise, and some of our dreams, it will remain a challenge.

It is my wish that those who have a part in making our Columbian, and those who will treasure it as one picture of LIfe, will always feel that challenge."

Edgar K. Haag ... Principal

Two Members of the School Board and the Principal

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