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Front Cover, Theme Photos and Back Cover
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'59 COLUMBIAN: The Contents ... The Way We Were
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"The purpose of the Columbian is to create a challenging stimulus for the mental growth of each Columbia High School Student. This is done with art, photography, and creative writing. The theme or unifying force of the book is projected through these media. Everthing is a contribution toward the expression of this idea.

Life is the theme of this year's annual. An example of the cycle is most clearly represented in the three colored photographs on the foldouts. The hatching chick is the first stage. the prime of life is exemplified by the active bees. The dying plants represent the final stage. It also symbolizes the transition between death and life again.

Some of the subject matter is abstract. Many different interpretations can be made from each abstraction. This is an important challenge that excites an individual toward investigation and imagination.

The joys from this book are yours to make in a personal way

editor: robert lewis
advisor: francis coelho

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That would be me: John R. Northover Class of '59 Living in Paradise, San Diego CA