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All the poems, verse, captions, and other verbage was written by the wordsmiths on the staff of the Columbian.

In the order they appear, front to back, these writings are presented for your eclectic approval.

Editors: Joyce Radnow and Mary Mankowski

	A shaft of sunlight pours, molten
		its blessing on the stubble
	A tiny tendril acknowledges its creator
	and by growth, makes its obeisance
		in a world new green.

	A moonbeam falls on the meadow
	and flows secretly as it sifts
	into the tall grass.
	Burying its seed of beauty
	in the ready loam
	to grow into an experience remembered			Kay Lynch

A perpetual tension mounts as the gound breaks To nourish later a budding stem, yet to form A growth developiing, extends upward where the sun and light awakes With a breath of life a plant is born. A crack appears, yielding way to one of nature's creatures A tiny head, so delicate, unfolds its many feeatures Now a space filled shell, where once a birdlet took form With a breath of life a bird is born Joyce Radow
Falling softly about me as the warm breezes blow Sifting sand through my waiting cool sand sifts through my waiting fingertips Inward thoughts once hidden seek wordless lips though wordless lips hidden Straining for sound as the water ripples cease consoling the tense soul, in its search for peace Joyce Radow
Young hearts urn warm there the sun and there the rain there the heart burns hand again moving fast and moving slow there the heart begins to flow none to come and none to go there the heart will want to know seeing there and being here there the heart begins to care be the sun and feel the moon here the heart burns, too soon Francis Coelho
Searching, finding, trugh of fear trying our pathwat to make clear Wishing to acquire the secrets of life Coming nearer in everyday strife Leaving behind friends of foal Finally attaining the ultimate goal Chis Midkiff
New wonders, fast beginnings, Slow endings, all the same As they fade, all the same Never to be heard again Sue Birge
push wind push against the raindrop and flatten hard against the wall, against wide and tll thickness that spreads the wet against the tall, and spreaad to form the all that makes the thinness wide and tall against the wall again, wind push hard against the raindrop Francis Coelho
In gret numbers they flock together Striving, aiming, motionless never. Learning to live in the struggle for existence, A ceaseless competition for its subsistence Why is knowledge a prrecious thing, With endless toil it begins to ring And yet, do we accept it? Joyce Radow
A seed is there to taste the life it breaks the soil to reach the light a growth, a bend, an upward trend and suddenly it starts again. Mary Mankowski
A sound, a beat; and life moves on. The pace quickens adn then slows down; It starts anew, slackens, and finally stops again. Then once more it begins to continue inthe rhythm of life. Trueline Latting
Plants swaying to their leaning for a bend petals open with a secret hiding hidden to the bee the knowing flowers make a color coloring vivid in the depth a leaf, its veins crawling creeping for the sun, stems suppor the carrying of their secret plants have a life so different Mary Mankowski
Members working together Some leading, some following, Making a body. Pat O'Mealy
A small head tucked beneath warm wings A young life, protected as it clings Shielded from the world and outward strife A young Kinglet, a new dependent life Grows, matures under watchful eye Joyce Radow
High on a mountain stripped of life, A man did dwell where hunger laughs. And though time passed. He hung whee none could see. The cold northwwind did blow The moon did shine with a chilly light And teh northern stars did dance above. Yet he hung shere none could see As he followed with cold and frozen sight But as he followed it left him there, As he hung where none could see. Kent Sinkey
Motion, energy, and growth combine for single purpose Energetic life slows and growth stops anyting but motion. Greg Dumm
A start, a growth A plan is laid. A seed, a plant A life is made Pat O'Mealy
Searching through a square, A barren field appears, Watching close to see, What little life is there. In the distance stands, A hill in silence there. Chris Midkiff
walking by the sound see a mountain rise tend a path for walk turn around a stone pushing back and forth seeing where to go now the sound has gone the mountain never rose finding something else walking by the snow Francis Coelho
A thind unfloding leaf in a heavy foliage A nectar searching bee in a lacing flower Joyce Radow
A long sagebrush in a sandswept open space Faces the sun and the barren spaces Mary Mankowski
Small is the colored little head painted with green. Sweet is the life of it, which pours forth beauty. Slowly as it unfolds it dainty limbs one can see into its heart. But first take count of all before. There it stands often in splendor, reaching for the sun. Think of the beauty and meaning, it brings, observer and all. Who takes notice of the petals as they fall Fall, fall and leave behind, just a fragrant memory Chris Midkiff
A hill barren, apatch of green Thirsts the cool, surses the warm, Surrounding brush grip strong the sail, Shielding growth from piercing storm. Joyce Radow

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