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The local merchants supported the Columbia High School Bombers in many ways. They provided jobs, experience, and financial support for many school projects over the year. We place their name on this page as one more thank you.

The names are listed in the order they were placed, front to back, in the annual.

Editor: Joanna Goodner

Jack D. Zinn Photographers	Richland Bell Furniture		James Jewelry

N.B.C.				J.C. Penny's			Lord Electric

The Bootery			Dawson Richards			Kortens

Kennel-Ellis			C & L Tahitian Room		Pennywise Drugs

Lancaster's Gift Shop		Binyon Optometrists		Western Auto

Densow Drugs			Richland Bowling Alley		La Hatts Jewelry

A&Z Specialty Shop		Roy Davis Furniture		Tri City Herald

Davids Shoes			Hurts Apparel		`	LeRoy's Inc.

Spudnut Shop			Richland Supply Company		C.C. Anderson Co.

Thrifty Drug Stores		Midstate Theatre Corporation	Hermans Men's Wear

				Richland Laundry & Dry Cleaners

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