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'59 Superintendent. Mr. McClure and three members of the School Board, Mr. McKay, Mr. Leach and Mr. Wood. The message in the picture is written by Mr Neal to us, the young adults, that were heading to the future. We heard his words but did not listen. We read the words 40 years later and they have meaning.

Text in picture follows:

"Life is a way, manner, or phase of living. It is lived as a series of experiences. Realities of life are faced as problems. All of us receive expert help to guide us in the solution of these problems. It is very sad to see people fail to achieve a happy life for themselves. We must do all we can to help ourselves and others achieve happiness. Educaton is not the acquiring and storing of ideas only--rather is is using intelligence to plan and work for better living. You should use your school and community as a laboratory to improve your own life. This is YOUR life, make the most of it.

This annual is a partial record of your living while in Columbia High School. Best Wishes to all of you."

Neal C. McClure ... Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent-School Board

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