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This site has pictures from the 1959 Columbian, a high school annual. The pictures contained within might be of interest to the graduates of the last great class in the '50s. Families, friends and others may be curious to see what a small part of the world was like in the late '50s.

This is a look back in time ... 40 or so years ... there is a dusty web of mental vision connected with what we thought we were and what we thought we would become. Yet, as we look back through the haze of rememberances, we see that our memories were pretty close to what we thought we had stored away.

Even if one cannot remember the exact events, we know our friends will remember with accuracy, They will verify for us those events. We can combine our memories with our friends and extract events with precision. We can all have a piece of what happened back then. We will be happy that we can see the past . . . the past, as we thought we wanted it to be ... as it really was.

Columbia High School is located in Richland Washington. We were known as the Columbia High School Bombers. The school had an empty 250 pound bomb casing as its mascot. The mascot was painted our school colors; Green and Gold. Our mascot was displayed at all Bomber sporting events. It required no feeding, little care and did not make a mess. Our mascot was a symbol of the times.

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