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'59 Columbian Department-1

Text in picture follows:

"The Columbian is a regular class where students receive a grade and a credit and are expected to meet certain objectives particular to his section.

The purpose of the annual is to challenge each student aesthetically, not to satisfy the student body irrespective of high standards. In this way the annual can be made a work of art. This should come in writing, art, photography, and balance of the book to illustrate a true impression of the active education in and out of the classroom.

The annual should not die upon graduation, but be a lasting accomplishment, that when referred to, more depth of thought can be experienced. The final purpose of the annual is to serve as a teacher itself."

Upper Right: Mr. Coelho, Instructor, Robert Lewis, Editor

Center: Kay Lynch, Art Editor; John Hill, Photography Editor; Edith Meyer, Secretary; Gary Mulvey, Business Manager

Columbian Department-1

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