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'59 Art Department

Text in picture follows:

"Upper Right: The art curriculim at Columbia High School provides a valuable experience in many diffeerent media, techniques and subject matter.

Lower Left: This year at the National Scholastic Art Awards, the Columbia High School art students were awarded 27 keys [first places] out of the 75 awarded state wide.

Those winners were:
Clifton Bowers, 1; Norman Dejong, 2; Irene Everson, 1; Lowell Hanna 2; Pat Hartnett, 4; Charles Kirkland, 1; Paul Knutson, 2; Linda Larsen, 1; Robert Lewis, 3; Jerry Morrison, 1; John Northover, 4; Rodney Ostboe, 1; Beth Peterson, 1; Kent Sinkey, 1; Carolyn Webb, 1; and Annette Winsor, 1. "

Art Department

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