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The Club Advisors ... Taking time out of their lives to share their wisdom, provide guidance and standards for club members to follow.

CLUB ADVISORS - [* = Not Pictured]
Miss. Nordin, Future Teachers of America Mr. Allen, Boys' Federation
Miss. Mecum, Caducean Society Mr. Pritchett, Letterman's Club
Mr. Evans, Future Farmers of America Mrs. Burns, Girls' Athletic Association
Mr. Reid, Boys' Pep Club Mr. Barton, Thespians
Mr. Black, Quill and Scroll Miss Skagen, National Honor Society
Mrs. Thompson, Future Business Leaders of America
*Miss Kidd, Girls' League *Mr. Anderson, Girls' Pep Club
*Mr. Larsen, Columbia Debating Society *Mr. Larsen, Future Teachers of America

Club Advisors

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