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Quill and Scroll: President Judy Rees. Advisor Mr. Black[not pictured]

Columbia Debating Society: President Marsha Lowell, Advisor Mr. Larson[not pictured]

Text in picture follows:

Lower Left: Quill and scroll is a national organization which includes the journalist and artists of the Columbian and the Sandstorm. The club helps to promote interest in any of the numberous journalistic phases by conducting a student reader poll and by sponsoring speakers from the various fields of journalism. Each member contributes his thoughts and ideas to make the club a success.

Upper Right: The Columbian Debating Society was organized to encourage interest and provide training in the arts and skills of objective argumentation and discussion. The club's activities consist of participating in debates, selling consessions, and sponsoring mixers during the football and basketball season.

Quill and Scrool / Columbia Debating Society

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