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'59 Social Studies Department-1

Text in picture follows:

"The social studies is concerned with man and his relationship--human relationships. In history the past is studied in order to gain an appreciation of man's struggles--his failures and accomplishments through the years; to better understand man's place in the present social order; and to better able to predict the future. In economics the student learns about making a living; in contemporary social problems he gains an insight into these problems and begins to develop a concern about them; in government he learns about political institutions and how the function; in psychology he learns to understand himself and his relationship to his fellow man.

The objectives of social studies teaching is to develop a good citizen--one who is creative, intelligent, active, and cooperative in the community, the nation, and the world; it should also contribute to the development of the student as a strong individual with an appreciaation of his culture, heritage, and a broad interest in all phases of the life of man in the this world."

Social Studies Department-1

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